Flash Memory Devices


USB Flash Drives, Compact Flash Drives

Level 1 Recovery

$80-$160 depending on total capacity

Device is functional but data has been deleted or filesystem is corrupt.

Level 2 Recovery

$120-$240 depending on extent of damage

Device has physical or electrical damage and requires repair of broken connections, wiring past damaged traces, or component level electrical repair.

Level 3 Recovery

$240-$480 depending on flash memory chip package type (TSOP or BGA).

Circuitry is damaged beyond repair and requires memory chip(s) to be removed from PCB and transplanted to a donor device.


Memory Cards, Camera Cards, SD, microSD

$80-$160 for logical recovery, dependent on total capacity of device.

These devices, along with some flash drives, have no accessible components-they are basically a thin layer of silicon with printed traces. If they acquire physical or electrical damage they will need a monolith recovery. We do not perform this type of recovery in-house but can provide a solution for it if necessary.