Mac Repairs

Macbook Pro • iMac • Macbook Air • Hardware • Software

We service all issues with all MacOS devices: Macbook, Pro, Air, Retina, iMac, Mini.


We perform full-service repairs on all MacOS systems.  From damaged system boards to corrupted filesystems, we have the capability and tools to address any issue.

We receive many Macs that have experienced a liquid spill and won't power on.  Typically these will have corrosion and/or damaged components on the system board.  With our methods of cleaning and component-level repair, we've found that about 80% of these can be brought back to life.

Other Mac issues we service:

  • Virus infection (Macs get infected too!)
  • ? Folder during boot
  • Kernel error
  • No power or video
  • Freezing or locking Up
  • Slow running system
  • Shutting off or restarting without warning
  • Component-level system board repair
  • LCD screen/display replacement
  • RAM, hard drive upgrades